Email Overriding

Email templates are defined at the site level and can be customized at the site level for global use. Site-level templates can be accessed using Site Admin -> Email Settings.

Most of these emails can be overridden at various other levels that allow customizing course-specific, course session-specific, group-specific emails. Email template overriding option is available at the following levels:

  • Event ( Event-specific emails only)
  • Course session
  • Program
  • Group
  • Course

Email Template Override Flow for Course-specific Emails

For course-specific emails like course enrollment/completion, course assignment emails, event (Schedules Test/Survey, Offline/online Events) specific emails, emails can be overridden at multiple levels. The email processor checks the email template using the following flow to pick the lowest level overridden template:

Event ( event-specific emails only) -> Course session -> program -> group ( using group hierarchical flow) -> Course -> Site template. In this path it checks and when it finds an overridden template. The processor uses that template for sending the email.

Examples -

1. If a course session completion email is overridden at two levels, course session-level and at group level and a user completes that course session who is a member of the group (that has overridden template). The email will be generated using the template created at the course session-level as that's the entity-specific override.

2. For a course session event, the event subscription email is overridden at the event level and at the course session-level; in this case, the event-level override is entity-specific override and that will be used. Course session-level override is more generic as that applies to all events part of that course session.

  • Email Override Menu at Event Level

Event-specific emails can be overridden at the event level. An Email Settings menu option is present on the event overview page to access and override event-specific emails.

  • Email Override Menu at the Course Session Level

Emails that are course session-specific can be overridden using the Email Settings option present at the course session overview page. 

  • Email Override Menu at the Program Level

  • Email Override Menu At the Group Level

  • Email Override Menu At the Course Level


Email Override in a Hierarchical Group Structure 

In a hierarchical group structure, an email template can be customized at any group level. (A custom setting of EMAIL_OVERRIDE_AT_GROUPS=true should be enabled).

For overriding a template, it checks the email template at the user's leaf level group in the group hierarchy. If found, an overridden template that will be used to send an email to the user. If there is no template present, it checks the next level; if the email is overridden at that level that will be used. The flow traverses the user's group hierarchy from leaf to root level; if no overridden template is found, the site-level template will be used.


Example Email Customized at the Group Level