Email Variables for use in Templates


 __USERNAME__ Login id (User name)
__FNAME__ First Name
__LNAME__ Last Name
__SENDER__ Sender
__SENDER_EMAIL__ Sender Email
__COURSE__ Course Name
__START_DATE__ Start date of the course / event
__END_DATE__ End date of course / event
__DUE_DATE__ User's course session due date
__URL__ Url of the entity in context (event, course ...)
__URL2__ Authenticated Url of the entity in context (event, course ...)
__SITE__ Site name
 __PHONE__  Phone Number
__DURATION__  Course Duration
__COURSE_SESSION__  Course Session Name 
__PASSWORD_RESET_URL__  Password reset url
__PROGRAM__ Program Name
__TEST__ Test Name
__STUDENT_EMAIL__ Student Email
__TOPICNAME__ Topic Name
__TOPICDESC__ Topic Description
__EVENT__ Event Name
__EVENT_TYPE__ Event Type
__LOCATION__ Location
__INVOICE_ID__ Invoice Id
__INVOICE_NUM__ Invoice Number
__AMOUNT__ Amount
__TOTAL_AMOUNT__ Total Amount
__QUANTITY__ Quantity
__CURRENCY__ Currency
__PAYMENT_DATE__ Payment Date
__COUPON_CODE__ Coupon Code
__MAX_SUBS_DAYS__ Max Subscription Days
__GROUP_NAME__ Group Name
__MEETING_ID__ Meeting Id
__CREDITS__ Credits


Standard Objects available in the Velocity Context

Variable Description
vars Email variables object that contains the information about the specific email message
DateFormatter Helper class to format dates
Utility Helper class with common utility functions
StringUtils Helper class with common string functions
STRING Static string object to help call string methods from velocity

Setting some variable in email template

$vars.put('DONT_SEND', true) Don't send email, Can be used for not sending email for specific case.
$vars.put('DONT_ICAL', true);  Don't include ical
$vars.addBcc("") For including BCC emailid.