Custom Grading - Labels in place of course score

Custom grading scheme to show Grade as 'completed' on completing course. Default grading scheme shows course grades as scores.

Grading Scheme Setup - To setup a custom grading scheme access Grading menu option present in Courses menu


Adding Category :

Rule [ Please get the rule from here to apply in your scheme] -

var tr=(TOTAL_TESTS+TOTAL_SURVEYS); var score=0; var total=0; if(tr > 0){ total ++; } if(tr > 0){ score += ((tr-PENDING_TESTS-PENDING_SURVEYS)/tr)*100.0/total; } me.expressionResult = score;

Adding Labels :

Activate Grading Scheme :  After saving the grading scheme, Activate it for use. Now custom grading can be used in any course session.


Specify custom grading scheme is a Course session :

Edit course session and specify grading scheme.

New scheme will be affective for all learners taking this course session now onwards, If you want to apply this scheme to users those have already taken this course session, you need to reapply grading rule for existing users records.


Learner's Grading View :

1. Course Completion page - Grade will be presented as label 'Completed'

2. Transcript page


3. Dashboard - completed courses