Custom File Types (Downloadable files)

In some situations, you might need to provide additional files (which may be non viewable in the course player) in your self paced courses which the learners can download.  Here is how you can do this in EduBrite.


Step1: Define additional file types in site customization (this is not needed for standard file types supported by EduBrite - all office file types, PDF, all images)

Step2 (For HTML5 player)

Create and online edited lesson. Use the paperclip icon to select and upload the file. This file will be attached with the lesson itself.

Then you can select the uploaded file and insert into the editor content area. It would insert an icon (attachment icon).

Step 3 (For HTML5 player)

Save the course and preview. You will find the file icon that can be clicked to download the file as-is.


Step2 (for Flash Player, if you aren't using HTML5 player): Create lesson of any kind (online edited content or uploaded file kind content), and go to the files tab. There you can upload additional attachments for this lesson, which can include any file types (including custom types you have defined). You can even add protected PDF files which may be otherwise non viewable in the course player because they wouldn't be allowed to get converted to SWF on the server.



Step3 (For Flash Player if you aren't using HTML5 player): Preview the lesson in course player, you will notice a small caption telling there are additional downloadable files in this lesson. You can write this in the lesson content also, to make it easier for the learner to take a note of additional files available on this lesson. Click on the downloadable toolbar, and then click on particular attachment to download it