Course Session - Group Change

Course sessions are created within a group, Course session can be moved to another group by changing Course Session's parent group.

Change Parent Group option is availble on Course Sessions Details page - click link 'Change Parent Group'


A new popup window opens to select new parent group. Select the group and click 'Change to selected group' button.

A Success notification message appears after successful move.

Program - Parent Group Change:

Programs are also created within a group, to change program's parent group.

Access program details - Menu - Course -> program -> Click Program Name from program list.



Edit Program page - shows program group in breadcrumb. Change Parent Group button is presnt at the bottom.


Select a group for parent and click 'Change to selected parent' link

Program successfully moves under new parent group. Edit program page - bread crumb shows changed group.

Note: Course sessions created as part of a program session can not be moved independently under different parent. For that program needs to be moved under new parent.