Adding Images

To insert images in your online edited content (steps are applicable in every place the online editor is available E.g. - editing a lesson in a course, editing a site knowledgebase page, editing a resource in a group, course session, event, or program, editing banner content, etc). 

Step 1: 

Click the paperclip icon.

Step 2: 

Drag and drop files, and click upload

Step 3:

Edit the content and keep the cursor where you would like to insert the image.

Step 4:

Click on the Existing Files tab and click the Select link for the image you want to insert.

Step 5:

Your content will now have an inserted image.

Step 6:

You can adjust the image's properties such as alignment, border, or size by right-clicking and selecting the Image Properties menu. You can resize the image.

Step 7:

Adjust the image's properties.