Best Practices Tips

To best utilize EduBrite platform for your trainings and assessments, here are some tips:



  • Course content upload:  All content which you upload in lessons, gets converted to an intermediate PDF format (unless you upload the PDF directly). This conversion from Word / Powerpoint to PDF sometime is not accurate (when done by EduBrite) in preserving the formatting/color/fonts. You can workaround this issue by uploading the PDF format of these files directly, instead of uploading the Word/Powerpoint
  • Video content in courses: Make sure to follow the encoding guidelines about the frame-rate, bit rates and window size. Note that if you have mp4 file which is not h264 encoded, it would not be supported. Convert it to h264 before uploading.
  • HD Video content:  You can upload your SD videos of upto 180M from the course editor and use EduBrite to stream them. But for very large videos and high quality (HD) videos we recommend to utilize specialized video streaming services and integrate those videos in your courses. EduBrite supports any third party video service
  • Course & test authorization: Always change the authorization level of courses and tests and make them restricted to only selected groups. If you don't do that, the test and course can be accessed by all site users without requiring any course-session or exam enrollment. You can first create the groups in site by using Site Admin->Create Group and after that you can use those groups to authorize from the Authorization tab of course/test editor.
  • Scores in Tests:
    • If you have all questions with equal points, you can utilize common scoring setting to specify default points/penalty points rather than setting points for each question individually. By default 1 point is set as default, without any penalty points
    • Always try to set a passing score in tests, if passing score is not set, many reports will lack the analysis. Also with passing scores set, you can add the tests inside courses, and can enforce passing them

you can set scores options on the Scoring tab in test-editor 


Site Security

  • Site Security
    • Make your site secure (by setting require signin option),
    • Disallow self signup.

Both these options can be changed by site admin by going to the Site Admin->Site Details->Security tab