Auto Grading / Certificate status - Troubleshooting

Auto Grading / Certificate status - Troubleshooting

If you (as an admin / instructor) notice for some reason the learner was not automatically awarded completion status/certificate in a course session, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Open the course session, and check what is the Grading scheme associated with it. Make sure the scheme is set correctly. In case of no grading scheme, default grading scheme applies.

Step 2: Open the learner's transcript page (from Site Admin->Site Users->Search the user and click Transcript link). If the learner is enrolled in more than one course sessions, select the one of interest from the drop down. (transcript page shows all of them in the drop down, if there are more than one).

Step 3: Check the Lesson Views and and Test/Evaluation attempts to see if there is any pending item which is mandatory in the course. If learner has not completed any of the mandatory ones, they won't get certificate via auto grading process.


Step 4: If you find all mandatory items are complete, then click on the View Grades link from the transcript page

Step 5: On the grades page for learner, click on Apply


When can this happen

This is not a common, but in case you are making changes to the course and flipping the mandatory and gradable attribute of lessons, tests, surveys in the course, or making some changes to passing criteria of the tests, while learners are in the middle of the course, it may happen.

What Does Apply Rule Do

Course's grading (which is what determines the progress of learner and their completion status) is driven by a grading scheme which can have multiple grading rules to weight various activities of learner in the course session (like viewing lesson, watching video, taking quiz). Course player sends the tracking events to server which triggers auto applying grading rule (if auto award is enabled in course and auto grading is enabled in course-session) by the system. This is how as soon as learners complete all mandatory items in a course, they get a certificate immediately (without intervention of an admin/instructor). But if for some reason the tracking events got lost (browser connection error can be one possible issue), the grading status of learner doesn't get calculated after that activity. By clicking Apply Rule you can force the grade calculation (calculation is still done automatically). Any exception cases where learners didn't get the certificate immediately after, could be solved by this.