You can create courses using your existing word document, powerpoint presentation, PDF or SWF file(s). You can even add You Tube videos in the courses. Just click on the Create Course button, to launch the course editor. Steps to create a course are

  • Enter the course name, a unique code 
  • Create modules / topics hierarchy inside the course by using right click on the course link the course outline (left navigation) which shows the course name and an icon 
  • Click on any module or topic and activate the Content tab in the editor
  • Click on Create Lesson button (or right click on the module or topic in the course outline) and select a lesson type
  • For lessons created using existing doc, ppt, pdf or swf file, upload the files by dragging and dropping in the content tab
  • For you tube videos, enter the URL of the video (if You Tube option was chosen for the lesson)
  • Once the content is ready, click on the Activate course button in the toolbar to make the course active.