Amazon Cloudfront Integration for Streaming Videos

Amazon Cloudfront Integration for Streaming Videos

EduBrite integrates with Amazon Cloudfront to allow you to get full power of Amazon's streaming capabilities. You can put your streaming media (FLV or MP4) on amazon and create lessons in your courses by pointing the Video URLs to amazon's hosted URL.


To use Amazon Cloudfront hosted video, create any lesson in course editor, and go to Video/Audio tab. Select the second option "Link to a file hosted on external media server"

Note: this process is common to other third party Video Streaming providers (such as Dyyno, Onstream) as well as long as they provide RTMP streaming. 


Enter amazon cloudfront url of the media file, which is genrally of this format (the bolded part represents your cloudfront domain)

  • rtmp://  (for mp4 files, you will have to prefix the file path in your S3 bucket with mp4:)
  • rtmp://   

Additionally, you can also specify multiple streams for same lesson and the player will give you a drop down of options to choose from to play a particular stream. This can be done by putting name variation within braces while specifying the rtmp url of the lesson. You can use this feature to provide streams encoded at multiple bit rates (high / low bandwidth versions).