Site a.k.a. Microsite

A site (also called a microsite in EduBrite's terminology) is your own private website identified by a unique URL and shared with fellow administrators, instructors and learners for the purpose of assessment and collaborative learning. Each site is owned by a person (who is also one of the administrators) and can have many other administrators, instructors and learners. The number of allowed users in a site are determined by the site's subscription plan.


Normally a person owns just one microsite, and their journey into EduBrite starts when they signup for EduBrite business edition trial account. On the signup page you choose a new username (which is also the customer for EduBrite) and your microsite url which gets created and its owned by the new user as its site owner.

After this step you always log on to your own microsite which would be the URL you choose in the previous step. But if you have a bigger or distributed business, or multiple businesses and want to setup another microsite keeping your same EduBrite customer identity (username and password), you would have to do following

Step1: Go to

Step2: Choose the signin option, and enter your previously created username and your current password.

Step3: On the accounts dashboard you would see all the existing microsites which you currently own, and a new microsite can be created from there. You will be able to login to any microsite you own using your common username and password. New site can be created to be in same or different namespace.