Setting up eCommerce Integration

You are familiar with using LMS - authoring, administering, training online and tracking for internal audience. Now you are getting ready to monetize by selling courses online. EduBrite allows you to set-up full eCommerce, catalog, coupon management etc.

Following steps needs to be performed to setup monetization:

Payment Gateway Setup

If looking for online payments then EduBrite supports many payment gateways including PayPal and You can set up your merchant account with your preferred payment providers and then you can setup your account details in EduBrite to enable online payment.

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Building Course Catalog (create paid course session)

Courses can be made available in the catalog if a course session for a course is setup with access type paid. You can define the price of a course at the course session level.

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Following steps are optional depending upon your business needs:

Adding selling content 

EduBrite allows to add selling content such as Big Banner, Learning Objective, Payment information both at course level or course session level. You can use rich text, images, audios, videos to provide more information about the course before a user can purchase it.

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Coupon Management (sell at variable pricing)

Coupon management allows a user to apply discount (full value, specific dollar value or percentage) on the items listed in the course catalog. Coupons can be set up at a course session, program session or site level. course and program session level coupons are specific to those course and program. Site level coupon works for any items listed in the catalog.

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Sell training events 

You can create online events including instructor led training sessions, which can be sold using EduBrite eCommerce functionality. You need to enable Event feature at the course session level. Once an event is created with access type paid. It appears both in Catalog and Calendar. 

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Enabling Shopping Cart feature

Setting up the above steps, allows system to sell one item (course or program or event) at a time. If you want to enable buying of multiple items and shopping cart feature then you need to enable shopping cart feature. 

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