Roles are defined at multiple levels: site level, group level, and course session level.

Site Role

Every user who is a member of a micro-site has a specific site role. The functions that users can perform are dependent on the role assigned to them. One of the following three roles can be assigned to a user:

  • Site Owner - The user who creates the microsite is assigned as site owner. The site owner has full access to perform all administrative functions. The site owner account is created from when setting up the new site.
  • Site Administrator - Performs all the administrative functions and is considered as a superuser. Any number of users can be added as site administrators.  
  • Site Instructor (Content authoring and acts as an instructor) - Instructors have content (course/test/survey) authoring access  
  • Learner - The learner role is the default role that's assigned to a user at user creation time. 

Note : There are settings to allow authoring permissions to learners as well; otherwise authoring is performed by Site administrators and Instructors only. 

Group Role 

By default, only Site administrators are allowed to create Groups. But this permission can be opened to all users as well by enabling 'Allow group creation by all users' option from the Site Admin->Site Details->Security tab. Group Structure - Groups can be set up in a hierarchical structure. Please refer to Learn more about group creation and sub-group creation permissions here.

One of the following roles can be assigned to a group member -

  • Group Owner - The user who creates a group is assigned as the group owner. 
  • Group Administrator - Group member management can be delegated to group administrators. At the site level, group administrator permissions can be configured to allow various functions like user management, course enrollments, program enrollment, and reports access etc. Please refer to the group administrator article for details.
  • Group Instructor - Group Instructor role grants permissions to create courses and course sessions for the group. By being an instructor in a course session, the instructor will have course session management permission including enrolling users/view users report etc.
  • Group CoordinatorIn a centralized delivery structure, courses and programs can be set up in a separate group hierarchy and a customers group can be added in a separate hierarchy. The customers group admins can be added as a coordinator in course/program delivery group. This allows group admins to manage their group members' access in course/program delivery groups. 
  • Learner - The learner role is the default role that's assigned to a user when the user is added to the group. 

Course Session Role 

  • Instructor - A user who creates a course session is auto-enrolled as the instructor in the course session. The course session instructor has course session management access - viewing course session members list, members course progress/transcript, enrolling/removing users from course session. 

Multiple users can be added as instructors to a course session.

  • Learner -  The learner role allows a user to take the course, and based on the course completion criteria, the course gets marked as complete. Course access permissions are set up by the instructor/admin.