Program - Add new course and course session

New course can be added in an existing program and for that course a course session can be added in an existing program session.

Following three steps needed to add a new course in and existing program 

  • Add course in program 
  • Create course session within existing program session
  • Enroll program members in new course session (if needed)
  • Reset already completed users program completion (if needed)

Step1 - Adding a new course in a program 

Access program list and search for the program that you want to update.

Open program details page using program name link present in program list page. Click Edit to access program edit page.

Program Edit page - Courses Tab, Click 'Add course' button to add a new course in the program.

A popup appears that lists all available courses in this group - select the course and move it to right panel and click add course.

Course is added, program details page shows a new course that doesn't have a course session.

Step2 - Adding a course session in a existing program session

Once a new course is added in the program, to offer that course in running program session you need to add a course session in existing program session. [ Note : when a program session is created it automatically creates course sessions for all the courses part of that program, In this scenario a course is added later in the program]

Access program session page - click calendar icon present for the newly added course.


Step3 - User enrollment in new course session (If needed)

Users those were already in the program session will not be added in new course session.

To add all program members in newly added course's session. Access course session members tab and click 'Add Members' button. [ Note - when a user enrolls in a program session, user gets enrolled in all existing course sessions those are part of that program session and course's enrollment type is selected as 'Auto Assigned' ]


Step4 - Reset already completed users program completion (if needed)

Users those have already completed this program, there program completion is not reset by any change in program structure. 

If it is required to reset existing users completion, It can be performed by accessing program member list and using 'Sync credit' option.