Extend User's Course Access Date

Changing user's Course Session access end date

Each learner can have a start and end date to restrict the access to the course session.

By default, the date when member was added becomes their joining (start) date and end date remains empty. Which allows learners to access the course till end date of the course session.

In case course session's Max Subscription Days property is set, then learner's end date is calculated by adding the days to the joining date. 

To update user's course access dates -

1. Access site user's list

2. Search for the user

3. Click Edit to open 'Edit User' window


4. Go to 'Course Session enrollment' tab , Click 'Edit Details' link corresponding to the course session you want to update.


Edit Details opens a popup -you can specify the new start/end dates. You can also update status of the learner. If the status of the learner is anything other than Active, they won't be able to access the course session. If the learner has already completed the course (its awarded) you can also reset the awarded status.