Manually Awarding a course

How to award a course manually

Site Admins or Instructors can manually award a course to a learner.

A. Award a course session to a single user :

 Search user from site user's list - Transcript link is present in user's row.


Transcript Page :  Select the 'course session' from Enrolled Course Sessions dropdown that you want to award, Then click 'View Grades' link to access Gradings page.


User's Grade page - shows Edit Grades option


Edit Grade Page - To award the course click 'Awarded' checkbox, enter Grade and Points ( optional). Once course awarded user's transcript will show course awarded and Certificate link will appear on transcript page.


B. Awarding Course session to multiple members :

Access Course Session's Gradebook tab  [ If gradebook tab is not present it can be turned on from course session settings ]


Edit Grades page - Can select 'Awarded' checkbox for all users present on the page.

You can increase Page Size to access more users record in a single page.