An exam event represents a planned period (can be for few hours, days, weeks) in which a specific test or survey can be taken by any number of participants, who are allowed in that event. Each event has a start and an end date. Test can be taken only within the start and end dates of the event. 

Events help you in creating logical delivery for your test or survey. You can have any number of event going on at the same time. And a single test or survey can be used in several events at the same or different times.  

To create the event, you need to first create the test or survey, and publish it. Once published you can create event, by scheduling the test or survey and adding participants who you want to invite for taking the test. Each participant will get an email with a link to take the test. Once the event is expired, no one can use the same link to appear in the test again. Also, one participant can do only one attempt for any test or survey per event.

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