Events in EduBrite

For Instructor-led training you can create events inside a course session. The events can be delivered via external online tools integrated with EduBrite such as WebEx, GTM, ReadyTalk, Zoom, INXPO, or can stay completely outside. Each event can have access-type. In case of pure Instructor-led courses which do not have any self-paced content, you can create a wrapper course and a course session for it, and then create events for each occurrence of the training, as per the schedule. These events will show up in the calendar for that course session.

  • If the access type of the event is set to Paid, then these events can be enrolled by learners via the catalog. This is how you can monetize ILT courses.
  • If the access type is Free, then any learner already enrolled in the course session, can subscribe to that event. You as an instructor or admin can also subscribe a learner to the event.
  • If the access type is By Invite, then only instructor or admin can subscribe a learner to the event

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