Automatic Evaluation of Essay Questions

Essay questions evaluation

Essay type questions requires evaluation by admin/instructors. After evaluation test result (pass/fail) gets available. If test is mandatory for course completion then course also gets completed after test evaluation.

Essay questions auto Evaluation 

You can specify a regular expression pattern to auto evaluate essay question responses. In the question editor, enter a Pattern that you want to be treated as correct response. Even after auto evaluation, test would still need manual verification by the instructor. Instructor can override the score given automatically from the Pattern matching process.

To Learn about Pattern syntax, follow the Java pattern expression syntax -

Example patterns:

Pattern Description
.*? Catch all... meaning it would accept all answers as correct answer
(.*)(hello)(.*) Accepts any answer having word hello in it as correct answer
((.)*(\bfamilies\b)(.)*|(.)*(\bchildren with disabilities\b)(.)*|(.)*(\bchildren without disabilities\b)(.)*|(.)*(\bstaff\b)(.)*|(.)*(\borganization\b)(.)*|(.)*(\bcommunity\b)(.)*|(.)*(\bcommunities\b)(.)*){3}

Accepts answer with atleast 3 occurrence of valid phrases

- families

- children with disabilities

- children without disabilities

- staff

- organization

- community

- communities

Global Correction Pattern

In case you want to specify a global auto correction pattern instead of specifying on each question, you can use the custom property ESSAY_CORR_PATTERN

Go to Site Admin->Site Details->Customization tab, and enter ESSAY_CORR_PATTERN=.*?  

This pattern allows any answer as correct answer.


Auto Verify Test attempts with Essay Questions

Normally all test attempts for a test that has essay questions, require manual verification by instructor. Until then the attempted test stays in Pending Evaluation status and learners can't see their score (even for the non essay type questions).

By setting the custom property AUTO_VERIFY_ESSAY, you can enable auto verification.

1. In that case if the learner gets a passing score by summing up score obtained in all non-essay questions plus any essay question that got auto evaluated using the pattern then that test attempt will not be put in Pending Evaluation status. Learners will be able to see their scores as per the result status setting of the test.

2. If learners total scores (non-essay questions + auto evaluated essay questions) is not enough for passing the test, In that case attempt will be put in pending evaluation status and manual evaluation will be required.