Custom Properties

Custom properties can be added for multiple entities including User, Group, Group Member, Course, Course Session, Program, Program Session, Event, Course Member, Program Member, Event participants, Invoice, Test, and Topic.

Custom Property Details

Properties type

A property can be created using types including text, text area, date, password, dropdown, checkbox, or file. 

For dropdown type - single-select or multi-select are both supported, but by default, single select is applied; for multi-select enable the multi-select option. Additionally, an option is available to present this field as a dropdown menu or radio button (for single select) or checkbox (for multi-select).

For filetype - both single file and multiple file uploads are supported.

Properties options

There are multiple options which can be enabled for a custom property such as mandatory, searchable, printable, visible on profile (applies for user property), show on signup  (applies for user property) etc.

name* Name of the field (No space allowed) 
caption* Name of the field shown on user interface
Description Description will be placed on the signup page below the custom field.
type* Allowed types are - text,text area date, password, dropdown, checkbox, file
length Length of the text field (to determine size of the text box)
mandatory Field is mandatory on users accounts page and registration page (if added on signup page). 
searchable Show the field as searchable in user listing 
visibleOnProfile Whether to show this field on user's profile page or not. [Applies for user property]
show on signup Capture this field on self signup form (if site's UI settings 'Capture custom properties in Signup page'  is turned ON[Applies for user property]
show on signup page only Show this field on signup page only, fields wouldn't appear on accounts & settings page. [Applies for user property]
Show this field only on site admin and site instructors accounts & settings page. Fields wouldn't show on learners account page. [Applies for user property]
Fields that can be edited/viewed only by site admins. Not available on learners' accounts and settings page. [Applies for user property]
Groups Show this field only for members of a specified group. [Applies for user property]
print Print this field in CSV download (currently available download options at - course session's member listing, view users, course enrollments report)  [Applies for user property]
Default Value  
Localized Caption  
Localized Description  
On Change Script  
On load Script  


Entities for a Custom Property 

Custom properties are supported for the following entities:

User Properties

User properties are the most commonly used custom properties. New user properties can be defined and the date can be edited/viewed in the edit user screen. User properties can also be enabled to show on the signup page so that the user can provide the relevant data at the registration stage.

Please find user properties details in User properties details, There are many settings available to control each property behavior like showing on the signup page, making it printable, searchable, etc.

Group properties

Group custom properties can be added to store group-specific information. It's useful when setting up customer-specific groups and when you want to keep customers' extra information.

The below screenshot shows two custom properties (Address and PhoneNumber) added as group properties.

The Edit Group screen shows these custom fields, and values can be added for these properties. 

Group Member properties

Custom properties can be added to enter additional information about specific members in a group. This is captured on per group/member level.

Course properties

Course custom properties can be added to capture additional course details. Most of the course-specific properties are set up as default properties that can be set by editing course. If there is a need to have additional properties those can be set as custom course properties.

Custom course property values can be edited using the custom properties link on the course details page.


Course Session Properties

Custom properties for a course session can be created, and those can be used to capture course session specific information.

The Edit Course Session screen displays custom properties for editing.

Program Properties

Custom properties for a program can be defined and additional program-specific details can be captured using those properties.

The Edit Program screen shows custom properties for editing.

Event properties

Event custom properties can be set up to capture event-specific details.

The event's Advanced Edit screen shows custom properties for editing.

Course Member Properties

For capturing additional information from a course session member, custom course member properties can be added.

To edit the custom properties value for a course session member, access the user's transcript page and click the custom properties link.

It will open a popup to set/update values in the custom properties.


Program Member Properties

Custom properties can be added to capture additional information about a program member.

The Program Member Edit screen shows custom properties for editing.


Event Participants Properties

Additional information for event participants can be captured using the Event Participant Properties page to add new fields.

The event participants list shows the custom properties to add/update the custom properties values.


Invoice Properties

Invoice additional information can be captured in invoice custom properties.

Topic Properties

Topic properties can be used to capture topics details and can be used for search in topic list to filter posts. 

  • Topic properties can be restricted only for internal user (Site admin only)
  • Topic properties can be set only for a specific group by linking property with a group. 
  • Topic properties can be set only for a specific group by linking property with a group and accessible/viewable to site admin/instructor and group admin only.
  • Properties are included in topics downloaded list using properties print settings.
  • Properties cab be added in topic list search area, if property is set as searchable.