Email templates can be overriden at group level, That allows customizing emails with group specific message. To turn on emails group specific override a custom property is added in site admin customization tab EMAIL_OVERRIDE_AT_GROUPS=true. Once site is enabled with this feature. Group level email templates can be created under group's resources.

  • To override a specific template you should check the email type from site level emails settings list.


  •       Get the site level default email content to initialize the new group level template with right format.



  •    To create a new template at group level access group's resources tab ( if resources tab not present turn it on from group's settings)

             You will see a menu option '+ email template' under Create New menu. Click that link to add a template.


  • In title specify email type , Content add default site level content and save.



  • Once email is saved with default content when you will open next time to update it provides wysiwyg editor to update email body.
  • You can customize this for this group. After editing Save and Publish.




How email override works

When a user enrolls who is member of a group it checks email template at user's leaf level group in the group hierarchy. If it found a overriden template that will be picked to send enrollment email to the user. If there is no template present it checks next level if email is overrided at that level that will be picked. Flow traveres the user's group heirarchy from leaf to root level if no overriden template found site level template will be used.