Dashboard and Profile customization

There are multiple contextual widgets appear on user's dashboard, Using those predefined widgets dashboard can be customized.

Customizing dashboard using existing widgets

  • Widgets placement 
  • Welcome Panel 
  • Site Messages 
  • My Items widget Changing tabs ordering - Please refer to advanced customization

Dashboard widgets 

Site administrator can enable/disable dashboard widgets and lock dashboard options for learners. If options are locked 'Dashboard options' menu will not appear for learners. Customize dashboard popup - Dashboard page for learners is designed using two columns and widgets position can be changed using drag and drop. 

Widget Specific Settings

Site admin can also set widget specific settings for dashboard widgets. Settings icon is present on all widgets 

Following settings can be configured 

  • Me Items
    • Page size
    • Enrolled Courses - Sort by column name
    • Type of sorting
  • Resources
    • Sort by column name
    • Sort order 
    • Number of resources per page
  • Network Updates
    • Network update readonly - enabling this option will not show Text field to post an update from dashboard 
    • Number of updates per page
  • My Groups
    • Restrict My Groups to Admin only - enabling this option will show only those groups where current user is an admin
    • Number of groups per page
  • Leaderboard
    • Public leaderboard
    • Number of users per page

Dashboard options for Learners 

If dashboard options are not locked for learners,Learners can enable/disable dashboard widgets for customizing their dashboard view. Under my items - Dashboard options menu appears for learners to customize dashboard. 


Welcome Placement

Using predefined site placements a welcome message can be added on user's dashboard, There are few placements for HOME_TOP_PANEL those can be used for placing messages based on user's site role.  For advance customization please refer to KB article advance customization

Site Messages 

Site messages can be scheduled those will appears on dashboard during scheduled period (Start Date -End Date). 

Site Messages on Dashboard 

Profile Customization 

Security Settings

  • Administrator can control profile sharing default setting by enabling/disabling site security settings 'share user profile by default'.


  • Site administrator can configure learners profile options and lock that so that learners can't configure their profile view. 

Learner - Customizing Profile

If profile options are not locked by administrator, learners can customize these options from Accounts page using customize menu. 

Hide Profile 

Learner can completely turn off visibility of profile page from the accounts and settings page using 'Hide Profile page' checkbox. If user has turned off profile visibility, Other user's will get a message 'profile not shared' when try to access user profile.