Manually updating credits in default program

Course credits are maintained at two levels, course level (course properties) and at program-course level (program's course settings). This two level settings provides ability to award same course's different credits in different programs.

When course is setup, credits are specified in course properties and when course session is created it uses course credit to default credits at program-course level.

If course credits are changed (with a non zero value), credits are synched automatically in all active and running course sessions so no additional steps are needed to manually update credits in program-courses. 

There are two cases when you need to manually update credits in program-course's settings. 

  • If credit at course level is set as 0 (Automatic sync will not be applied).
  • If course session is ended or inactive (Automatic sync will not be applied).

How to manually update credits in program-courses settings?

1. If course session is part of a user created program, you can access program list and open that program's courses tab and edit courses settings. (Refer to FAQ  update credits in program courses's settings.)

2. If course session is not created as part of any user created program, in that case system creates a default program. And credits can be synced in default program's courses setting. (Note: Default programs are not listed in program's list)

  • Access courses list. Click course name to access course details page.
  • Course details page lists course sessions and in course session's details a program session link is also present.
  • Click program session link it opens program session page. That shows program link, click program link to edit program
  • Access Program - course tab and edit course's settings.