Course is a reusable resource which can be delivered to many batches of learners. The primary purpose of the course is to collect all the learning resources (lessons) in one place, and organize them logically in hierarchical format. A trainer or educator can then share the course with any number of participants, so that they can go through it in a self paced manner. (Note that - EduBrite Personal Edition only allows self paced delivery of courses, other delivery methods are available in Business Edition). 

Courses can be tracked for each learner (or trainee) and the trainer can view each learner's progress in the course. Course can also add embedded quizzes after each lesson, to test the knowledge gained by the learner.


Creating Courses

You can launch the online course editor and then create lessons in it by either uploading your existing presentations, documents or write the content online. You can also include YouTube, Vimeo videos in the courses, and they will all be delivered to the learner from inside the course player.

Course Delivery

Courses are delivered to learners by creating course session, or by combining multiple related courses in a program.