Group Coordinator

In a centralized delivery structure Courses and programs can be setup in a separate group hierarchy and customers group can be added in a separate hierarchy. Customers group admins can be added as a coordinator in course/program delivery group. That allows group admins to manage their group members access in course/program delivery groups.

Example Group structure

Top Group -

  • Site All Courses ( Top Group)
  1. Sales Courses (Sub group - All Sales training course sessions are created in this group)
  2. Customer Service Course (Sub group - All Customer Service training course sessions are created in this group)
  3. Marketing Courses  (Sub group - All Marketing training course sessions are created in this group)

Top Group

  • Preferred Customers ( Top Group)
  1. Customer1 (sub group)
  2. Customer2 (sub group)
  3. Customer3 (sub group)


A customer group administrator can be added as a group coordinator in a course/program delivery group.

If customer1 group admin is added as a coordinator in 'Sales courses' group. Group admin can perform following actions using 'Sales Courses' group

  •  Add group members in 'Sales courses' group as a learner so that users can take sales group trainings
  1. In Sales group if auto enrollment to courses/program is enabled, user will be auto enrolled in those courses and programs. 
  2. If Auto enrollment is not enabled - Group admin can enroll users in course session/program session present in sales group.
  3. Users can self enroll also in sales group's courses/programs if trainings listed in the catalog. 
  • Group Admin can create a separate course session in it's own group using the courses authorized for the group where Group Admin has coordinator role. Independent course session provides group administrator full control in that session. In this example customer1 group admin can create a course session in Customer1 group using the courses authorized for sales group 
  • Group admins can create programs using the courses authorized in the group where admin has coordinator role. It allows group admins to organize the program structure in it's own way. 



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