User Deactivation

Every site administrator has the ability to activate and de-activate site users (in addition to adding new users) according to their specific needs. At a very high level the need to de-activate mainly arises because a learner doesn't need the access to the microsite any longer. The site administrator would then want to retrieve back the user slot, so that it can be assigned to some other user.  Each microsite belongs to a certain plan which then dictates the maximum number of allowed active users. Once a user gets deactivated the slot can then be used by the admin for a new user or activate a previously deactivated user.

Activate a inactive user


Deactivate a active user

Users can be deactivated from the microsite in mainly three different ways.

1. Explicit Deactivation of users

Users can be deactivated by going to the site users page and using the Deactivate button available at the bottom. A user can also be deactivated by going inside the user edit page and then using the Deactivate button available in the User Information tab. Users get deactivated immediately and cannot access the microsite anymore.


2. Specifying End Date for an User

If the access end date is known to the administrator, then the date can be specified for the user by using the Set End Date button. The administrator would also need to enable the site security option Auto deactivate learners from the Site Admin -> Site Details -> Security tab. Once this has been set up, the user(s) would get automatically deactivated on the specified dates. This method can be used to deactivate users of any type of role (admin/instructor/learner).




3. Deactivation Due to End of Course Session Access

A learner can also get deactivated from the site automatically once the learner's access to all course sessions end. For this to happen, the learner must have been enrolled in at least one course session which has max subscription days set. This ensures that the enrolled member has an end date for the course session. This coupled with the Site Security option Auto deactivate learners would trigger the deactivation of the user once the end date of course session membership has reached for the user.



Email Notification

When system automatically deactivates a user because of the above conditions being met, the deactivated user is sent an email informing him/her about the non accessibility of the site. The site administrators would have access to this information through Site Admin -> Email Notifications and category filtered as USER_INACTIVATE.



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