Poll (Short Survey)

Poll (Short Survey)

Polls can be used to conduct a short survey (generally with a single question with multipe choices). Poll can be created at the site level, group level or inside course session. To conduct poll for all users in the site, you have to be site administrator.

Site Polls

  • To create the site level poll, open the polls listing from the  to Groups->View Polls and click on Create Poll
  • Enter the question and choices in the poll
  • Set the poll start and end dates
  • Save and then Activate the poll


  • Users will start seeing the poll widget on their Dashboard till they vote on it.

  • As site admin, you can view the poll results (users' are not allowed to view the result on the dashboard) by opening the poll again

Group Polls

  • Any member of the group can create Poll for the group, only group members are allowed to vote
  • Group members will receive a notification email (provided the Poll notification is turned ON in the group settings) with a link to poll
  • Group members will also see the poll in their network updates, and on group details page, from where they can vote on it.

  • Based on the poll's result visibility, members will be able to view the result


Course Session Polls

  • Instructors can create poll in their class (course session) by enabling the Poll feature from course session settings

  • Trainees in the course session will get a notification about the poll, and also on course session details page (if the updates are enabled).

  • Trainess can vote on the poll



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