Instructor Led Course Delivery

Instructor led courses

Instructor led classes are mapped as Events in EduBrite. Events can be of following types

  • Online events
    • Exam (Scheduled Test)
    • Survey (Scheduled Survey)
    • Online Class (webinar/meeting)
  • Offline events (like offline classroom sessions, offline meeting etc)

Although EduBrite supports creating events outside of a course session also (directly within groups or within site), but its best to create these events inside course session, if they related to training. Events outside of course session are best used for collaboration purpose only.

For online meeting/webinar, EduBrite integrates with several external conferencing/webinar systems

Online Integrations can be enabled from Site Admin -> Online Event Integrations tab. Enable the respected integration checkbox and enter the integration specific settings. User specific integration settings needs to be entered in user profile.

Instructor led course generally consists of several events which occur on specified dates and time. Typically every event is a repetition of the same content delivery, but that is left on the implementers to decide whether they deliver same or different content in each events. Each event can be set with a specific access type - free, by invite or paid. I

  • Free events (within a course session) allow existing learners, who are member of that specific course session, to self enroll.
  • By Invite events allow instructor or admin to choose the participants (also referred as subscribers)
  • Paid events get listed in the catalog, and the users can buy the subscription. Upon purchase the user is also added as learner in the corresponding course session (if not already added before)

Creating ILT course

To create instructor led classes follow these steps:

  • Create a course, which may or may not have any course content. If the course doesn't have any automatic mechanism for awarding the certificate (like an exam), then its best to turn off Auto Award Certificate property of the course.

  • Authorize the course to a group (e.g. Training group) and create course session, but keep the access type to By Invite

  • Edit the course session's settings, and enable Event and Attendance feature (as per your need you can also enable other features used in ILT such as Grades, Assignments, Forum, Poll, Course Session updates etc. Disable other features that you don't need like test scores etc.

  • Now create events in this course session, for each day and time you want to schedule a class. The type of event could be offline or online.

  • Choose the event's accessType according to your needs. If the particular event is for everyone in the course session, then choose it as Free event. If it is for specific learners, then choose them from the members listing, and finally if you want to sell the enrollment for this event, then make it paid event and set the price and payment provider.

  • Multiple events can be added in a course session.

  • To repeat the similar event many times on different dates, you can use the Copy Event menu available on Event's Overview tab.

  • Event other details can be added in Advance edit page.  Event’s detailed description can be added in Big Banner placement and few other placements can be used like Learning Objective,Payment info etc, Those appears on event overview page. learner can view these information before enrollment.

  •  A logo and Description can be added for event, that appears on catalog list page. If you have an event where you want to limit the number of attendees, then specify subscribers limit.

  • Event Subscription :

Admin/instructor can add members in the event and there are options to create invoice for enrollment and mark it paid/payment pending. Invoice creation is used in offline payment scenario. 

Users can self enroll in the events through catalog/calendar for paid events and free events appears on user's dashboard event panel. 

  • To register attendance, you can either go to Participants tab of the specific Event to select all attendees that have attended the event, and mark their attendance. Or alternatively you can go to Attendance tab for the specific Course Session and use the built in attendance tool, see this article for details

  • If needed course can also be awarded from course session attendance screen, It's useful if event is the only item in the course and course should be marked completed if user has attended the event.

  • If your course has any assignments, you can add them in the course session, see this article for details
  • If your course has any end of course Exam (scheduled exam on specific day), then create an exam event in the course session, and mark it as End of Course Exam. The significance of this exam is when it finishes, all users who take the exam and get the passing score will be awarded the course completion status. And if the course has certificate option enabled, then learners would get the completion certificate notification to download their certificate.
  • If your course has to be manually awarded to learners by an instructor or admin, then enable the Grades tab thru settings in course session. And edit the grades for the course session and mark the learner's awarded status, see this article for details

Please refer to course for Detailed Setup for Instructor Led Training, Additional features like invoice creation-offline payment tracking and Waitlist management is described in this course. 

 Note: You can manage planning, enrollment, post event tests/surveys and provide other learning materials for ILT sessions just like a normal course session. It is not required to use online delivery methods like WebEx integration.


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