Managing Group Members

Managing Group Members

Adding members (as a group/site admin) from Group Members List -

Members can be added in the group by group owner or admin. Open the Group's Members tab and click on Add Members button.

Members can be added by selecting from existing users list (note - depending on permissions setup, you may not be able to see list of existing users), specifying usernames or specifying emails.

1. Select users (who are not yet a member of this group) from site

  • The next screen presents a search widget to search users from the microsite, just enter any search criteria like username, first name or lastname. You can also use % character as the wildcard character. Click Search to find the users.
  • Select the intended users from the displayed list of users,

Click on "Add new members as" button present below the list, and click on a role to be assigned to the members

2. Enter Usernames

  • On the previous screen, Click on Specify Username button, this will open a popup window.
  • You can enter multiple usernames (it can't be first/last name) in the text field and click Submit. You can optionally specify the user's role as well on each line, by default Learner role will be assigned if nothing is specified.


3. Enter Emails - From the members tab of the group

Note: This option is only available to site-admins. To allow other group admins to be able to add members using email, enable the setting Allow group admin to add learners via email from Site Details->Security tab first. Also keep in mind that this option may create a new user in site if a user with matching email is not found.

  • In screen on option 1, click on Specify Email button, this will open a popup window.
  • You can enter multiple email ids separated by comma in the text field and click Submit. All users will be assigned learner role in the group. A user with matching email id will be searched in the site, and if one is found, it will be used. If the one which is found is inactive, then it will be reactivated. If no existing user was found having same email, then a new user account will be created, which will have user name same as the specified email. The default password will be unspecified and the only way user can get in the system is by requesting a password reset link via Forgot password option.



Adding members (as site admin)

Users can be added to group by site admin in following ways:

1. While creating the users (Bulk User Creation) -

During bulk user creation process, you can select the groups from the site-groups and a group-member role for all the newly created users


2. Editing a user account (to add Single User to one or more groups)

  • From the Site Admin->Site Users page, search for any user account, and click Edit on the user's record
  • Open the Group Memberships tab and click on Add User to Groups,
  • Select the site-groups from the list and Save

Selecting groups from list view

Two lists are presented in this page. You can select any number of groups (from left list) and click on arrow button to move them to right list. You can also select appropriate role you want to assign to this user in selected groups. Once done you can click Subscribe.

If microsite has large number of groups arranged in hierarchy, you may find it easier to select groups from a tree view. Click on the button on top right corner to change the page to tree view.

Selecting groups from tree view

You can find groups in hierarchy and select one or more groups (by holding SHIFT key while clicking on a group). To switch to list view, click on the button on top right corner.

3. Site Users list (add multiple users in multiple groups)

  • Users - View Users list, select users those needs to be enrolled in same groups.
  • To select all users ( listed on page - click Header check box), To get more users record in single page, increase page size.
  • Click 'Choose an action' - Add to group option.
  • Enroll User to Groups Popup appears - select groups and move to right panel for enrollment then click subscribe.




Note : If you had created a hierarchical group structure on your site, adding a user in a child group adds user in parent group.

Approve / Reject Membership Requests

To view membership requests for a group, group owner or admin can open the Members tab of the group, and filter the members listing for Pending status. From this list select the users who you want to approve or reject, and click on Corresponding action button.

  • Accept Request: Membership of the user will become active
  • Reject Request: Membership will be rejected, user can re-request
  • Block Sender: Membership will be blocked, user can no longer request again

Block Member

If there is a need to prevent a user from becoming member of a group, Group admin can put the user in "blocked" status. Blocked users in group can not become active members of group by enrolling/purchasing any available course session/program session/event. Blocked status also prevents group admins to manage these users (if management by group admin is enabled in microsite).

However, group admin can later re-activate the user and reset their "blocked" status, if needed. To block an active member in group, open the members tab of the group, then move the mouse on the row containing that member and click on Block link from the Actions column.




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