Consolidate User accounts

Consolidate User Accounts

This (optional) tool allows you to consolidate (or merge) multiple user's account into one by linking old user's following records with the new user.

  • Group memberships
  • Event / Exam enrollments
  • Course Session enrollments
  • Grades
  • Test attempts

If during consolidation it finds that same membership exists for both old and new users it would ignore the linking for that specific item. So ideally you should consolidate accounts which did not participated in the same course or exam.

Usage of the tool is as follows, suppose you want to consolidate jdoe1, jdoe2 and jdoe usernames and want to move everything jdoe1 and jdoe2 did and re-link them to jdoe :

  • Enter the user name jdoe in the first text field
  • Enter jdoe1,jdoe2 in the second field
  • If you like to deactive jdoe1 and jdoe2 after the operation, check deactivate checkbox (this is optional, and can be done later as well from the Site Users page)
  • Click submit.

To add User Consolidate Account option in User's Menu, add following code to the Site Admin->Placements->V2 Footer JS.

<!-- UI customization for Sesame begin -->

       $("#mnu_UPLOAD_USERS").after("<li><a href='../jsp/'>Consolidate Accounts</a></li>");
<!-- UI Customization ends -->




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