Group Admin

Group Admin permission can be configured to allow User Management specific opertaions and to access Group members reports.

Permission can be configured using Site Admin -> Site Details - Security Tab

Group Admin Dashboard :

My groups panel on group admin dashboard shows all groups user is enrolled, The group in which user has admin role shows 'View' Link to open group members list and Add group members, Reports buttons are also present.


Group Members List:

A. UserName Search - can search a user using fname, lname, userid or emailid



B. Edit Group Member's Account : 

Group Members list - Click Edit link

Group Admin can perform following actions -

1. Edit member's - First Name, Last Name, Email, Time Zone and other profile custom properties.

2. Reset Group Member's Password OR Send password reset email

3. Send Welcome Email

4. Change user's status - Activate/Deactivate User - Inactive user will retain group membership

5. Using Inactive checkbox admin can search inactive groups members and activate their account. [ Edit link]


C. Adding New Group Member:

1. In Group Members list, 'Create User' link is present on right top menu.

2. Fill all the information for creating a new member - can send welcome mail at the time of creation. 

3. The New user will be created and will show up in Group member's listing.


D. Group Member - Group Membership

Group Members list click 'Edit' link  - access Group Membership tab

1. Remove user from Group.

2. Add user in another groups ( Group admin can enroll only in those group where have admin role)


E. Group Member - Enroll to Course session

Group - Members list - Enroll Members to Course Session link is present in left side panel.  Select an user and click Enroll Members to Course Session - Popup appears for selecting course sessions for enrollment.

Enroll All group members to course session - Click 'Enroll Members to Course sessions'  without selecting any user.


Edit User - Enrolled Courses Tab:

User's all enrolled courses list is present in this tab. Remove link appears when hover your mouse in Actions column, Group Admin can remove a user from an enrolled course session.


F. Group Member - Enroll to Program Session

Group - Members list - Enroll Members to Program Session link is present in left side panel.  Select an user and click Enroll Members to Program Session - Popup appears for selecting program sessions for enrollment.


G. Group Member's Reports :


Learners Report -  Group Admin can view group members course enrollment details and download data.

Download option is present to download data in csv format.


Program Member's Report : Group Admin can access program report for group members.

Print Certificate option is present. Download link in present to download members program data in csv format.


Group Admin can Edit group members program details using Edit link present in list. 


H. User's Transcript and course certificate :

Group Members list - Transcript link

Actions Available :

1. Print Certificate , Download Transcript

2. Edit Course Session Enrollment data - Extend Access Date, Reset Award.

3. Allow More Quiz Attempts




Group Admin - Available Course session/Program session for learner's enrollment

Setup for allowing course sessions and program session access to group admin for enrolling group members.

  • Course sessions/program session can be created in the same group, group admin has admin role.
  • Course Sessions/program session can be created at the higher level group with access type 'Open' .
  • Course Sessions/program session can be created at the higher level group with access type 'paid' and a full value coupon can be added at course session/program session level for this subgroup. That makes course session/program session free for subgroup members using auto apply coupon code mechanism.
  • Group admin is not allowed to enroll learners in Course Sessions/program sessions created at higher level group with accessType 'By Invite' .





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